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Website? Now what?

One of the first things new business owners want to do is buy up digital real estate via website ownership. Let me tell you if haven't been told already:

There's no point in having a website if no one is going to it!

My bad! I know that might've been harsh... Especially if the money has been spent already. So how can you drive traffic to said website since you shelled out the dollars for it?

Nombre un: Share, share, share! Share it everywhere! Share it on Facebook. Share it on Twitter. Share it on LinkedIn. Put it in your Instagram bio, and then direct people to it so they know it's there. (Yes, I know they can see it. But, people like directions. Tell 'em!)

Nombre deux: SEO! I've talked out this before, but I cannot stress it enough. Make sure you are vested in this area. No one is going to find your website on the second page of Google unless it's your mom or your BFF.

Nombre trois: Determine the draw. What are people coming to your site for? Do you sell a product? Offer a service? Write a blog? Make sure you are clearly communicating that to your community and they'll make their way over. If they don't know, there's no reason to go!

Nombre quatre: Blow up the comments! People forget the social side of social media, and therefore they just post and leave. NO! Do NOT do that! Leave thoughtful comments on pages that engage with your target clientele. The more you do so, the more they'll be curious about you and who you are. It's a slow and steady method, but it'll achieve the results you want.

Nombre cinq: Take it old school and make sure you have a business card with the website on it. I know you're like, "But Rachel, they have my Insta, FB, LinkedIn..." Doesn't matter. You become one of the 1658 people they're following and they'll never find you again. Put something in their hand, and they have something to refer back to. Trust me. You can get business cards made for under $15. Make the minor investment.

Having a website is just one piece of the business puzzle. But, it certainly can be a frustrating portion of it. If you find you're having difficulty figuring it out, let us help you. Contact us here or book a Website Review session with us here.

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