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Terrill P., Owner

Rellies Hospitality

Rachel redesigned my website and created billboard imagery for Rellies Hospitality. Not only was she expeditious, but she took ideas and implemented them with ease. The finished product was exactly what I envisioned. Definitely will return for other projects!

Dr. Angela R., Author

College: What You Need to Know

and How to Succeed

I contracted with Double R to clean up my thousands of emails and folders that hadn't been accessed for over 15 years. I was absolutely amazed with the results! I can attest to the helpfulness, thoroughness, and professionalism of Double R Management! The ability to work virtually is a real bonus - I didn't have to go anywhere! We had a conversation, she clarified what I wanted to do, and then she did it. I highly recommend her to anyone needing office and/or managerial support that will enhance your ability to work on your priorities. 


Combat Infantry Veteran

Rachel has been advising and aiding me in goal completion for years. With her assistance, I've been able to knock them all out the park! Her mind is one of constant strategizing and planning; couple that with her natural inclination to encourage the best in you, and know that she'll aid you in developing methods to accomplish every goal you can imagine!

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