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Hello! I'm Rachel, owner of Double R Management - a brand development company. Despite spending numerous years in education and holding a variety of roles, I decided to pivot away from it to utilize my skills in a different way. Education was great! I was able to assist people from all walks of life in ascertaining their goals. However, I needed to aid others in ways outside of the traditional education setting. Double R Management was founded out of this need, and I have been working alongside business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives ever since!


I have devoted my energy to helping business owners articulate their ideas and sell their products and services through brand development, marketing plans, and one-on-one business strategies. My purpose is not only to assist, but to help lay a strong foundation from which you can build, and keep you ahead of your industry. 


I served in Admissions & Recruitment roles for both public and for-profit institutions, operating in traditional recruitment, as well as educational sales environments. I continue to do so for the federal government.

I taught college-level classes for 4 years.

I have management experience ranging from boutique retail to a college department of 350+ people in a metrics-driven, retention-based environment.

I am versed in both ADP and Paycom payroll systems, and have held human resource responsibilities.

Member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated.

Business idea generator.

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